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Book Reco: The Great Beanie Baby Bubble, by Zac Bissonnette

You know what they are. I’m talking about Beanie Babies.

These little, bead-filled, high quality, plush toys that created a mania in the mid-1990’s.

I was there and saw it all (almost).

This book is funny and at times shocking. People were obsessed with this product and paid tremendous amounts of money (thousands of dollars for one toy) for what they believed was an investable collectible.

I have a few Beanie Babies from that era myself. Today, you can buy bulk lots of them on eBay for nominal amounts.

This books is about hype and what happens when mania sets into the consumer mentality. I really enjoyed this one and you can get a FREE copy at your local library or purchase one HERE (I always recommend buying used to save money – used hardcovers are $2.42 at the time of this writing).