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They Don’t Care Until it Affects Them Personally

This is a tough reality on many fronts. You have a message, an idea, a movement, and you want to get people to pay attention.

People are constantly being inundated with media and life’s to do’s, so you can understand why they are not fully dialed into your message.

But, when it affects them personally, the message becomes crystal clear.

Water is contaminated in another state, that sucks.
Water is contaminated in my neighborhood, you have my attention.

Cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are top killers, bummer.
Finding out you might be at risk, you have my attention.

One in six children struggling with food insecurity, that’s terrible.
When it’s your friend or family member, you have my attention.

These very personal examples can be applied to the business world as well.

I didn’t care about diaper commercial until I had a baby in diapers.

The goal of a good marketer is to find ways to MAKE YOU CARE. If you watch the commercials during the Super Bowl, you’ll notice they are either trying to make you laugh or cry.

They want an emotional response.
They want buy in.
They want attention.

They want you to care.

If you want people to listen, you have to find a way to connect them to why it affects them personally.

Begonias, Henry Golden Dearth