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Vaccines and Risk Analysis

When someone makes a decision to either take or not take a vaccine, they are making a risk analysis-based decision. In business, we look at managing risk and an entrepreneur is simply someone that is willing to take risks.

Making life decisions is no different.

In the vaccine discussion, you have to evaluate the risk of taking or not taking a vaccine in relation to potential outcomes. It’s kind of like evaluating a move in chess; if I move here, what will happen next and then how will I respond.

For some people, the risk of not taking a vaccine outweighs the risk of taking it. For others, the contrary.

I know in your mind when you process your risk assessment, you get a value that is relative to you and you alone. It can be hard to understand why someone else might not get the same value. “I am a reasonable, logical, methodical, thoughtful, and intelligent person. How can there be any other answer beyond what I think is correct?”

Regardless of your decision on this issue, risk is still present. You are just choosing to address that risk in your own way, which points back to that little document that talks about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Remember, we are all entrepreneurs of our lives.