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The Strangest Secret Revisited

Earl Nightingale presented a lecture many decades ago called, The Strangest Secret. In this speech he talks about the “strangest secret” in the world. The reason why the secret is strange is because it’s not a secret at all, yet eludes so many people.

People want the outcome without the effort, or as Nightingale put it, they want the fire without having to fill the stove with wood.

We know what it takes to be successful: time, effort, and persistence.

We know if we want to be healthy, we have to eat better and move more.
We know if we want better grades, we have to study and read more.
We know if we want more wealth, we have to earn, save, and invest more.

We know these things. They are not secrets. It’s strange so many feel like they are a mystery.

Check out the audio of Earl Nightingales, The Strangest Secret, and share with a friend.

Beach Scene (1910), John Noble